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This picture illustrates the classical Greek drama “Antigone”. It adapts the “Storyline” metaphor (see “Storytelling and Visualization: A Survey”, by Chao Tong et al., VISIGRAPH 2018). The episodes of the play are illustrated as red ellipses. Time passes from left to right. Each character is a wavy line that wanders from left to right.

The main conflicting characters are Antigone (blue wavy line) and the King Creon (yellow wavy line). Other characters include Antigone’s sister Ismene (green wavy line), Antigone’s lover Haemon (cyan wavy line), and the Queen Eurydice (orange wavy line).

Antigone’s story is a quick and deep tragedy. It begins with the deaths of two of Antigone’s brothers (black disks on the left), followed a bitter feud between Antigone and King Creon about the funeral arrangements. The feud escalates, and the tragedy unfolds with a feeling of inevitability: Antigone, her lover, and her mother all die (black disks on the right). King Creon lives on, but in misery.