Our gallery contain details of the creators of some of the special effects images included in this website.  Scroll through the page to view the individual images. Some of the images are linked to more detailed pages – just click on an image to see if it links to further information.

Carsten's image

Logic Engine

Seokhee's image

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Logic Engine

Symmetric Drawings of Series Parallel Digraphs in two Dimensions


Seokhee's image

Symmetric Drawings of Series Parallel Digraphs in Three Dimensions 3D Symmetric Drawings of Trees – Pyramid Model with Variations 2.5D Tree Drawing


 Visualisation of Financial Data

Visualisation of Relational Stock Market Data

  Visualisation of Stock Price


Hugo's image Falk's image
GD Hints – System for  Graph Drawing based on User Hints Visualisation of biochemical processes Genetics: Phylogenic Trees



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